Craig Hutler

Digital Product Manager

Portland, OR

Craig Hutler

Craig Hutler is a digital product manager for Transform Co. - FKA Sears Holdings Corporation. He is a member of the core e-commerce team responsible for the top-of-funnel functionality on the and websites. He's worked in the following areas; Internal Search, Search Engine Optimization, Personalization, Landing Page Optimization, Navigation Optimization, and Process Enhancement.

In a past life Craig was a principal member of the Playboy new media team where he spearheaded early forrays into online community building and webcasting. Later he was producing and managing the day-to-day publishing of subcription sites, and was eventually promoted into a role as product manager of a suite of sites that contributed 65% of new media's revenue.

Craig is a displaced Midwesterner presently residing in Portland, OR. He is interested in the evolving language of the web, the power of mobile, start-ups, music, old guitars, tube amplifiers, armchair psychology, football and football, video games, and the occasional jog.

Craig can be found and contacted via LinkedIn