Craig Hutler

Digital Product Manager

Portland, OR

Craig Hutler

Craig Hutler is a digital product manager for The Kroger Company. He is a member of the post order customer experience ecommerce team responsible for experiences in native applications and web for Kroger and its associated banners.

Previously he was on the CX product team for and working in; Internal Search, Search Engine Optimization, Personalization, Landing Page Optimization, Navigation Optimization, and Process Enhancement.

In a past life Craig was a principal member of the Playboy new media team where he spearheaded early forays into online community building and webcasting. Later he was promoted into a role as product manager of a suite of sites that contributed 65% of new media's revenue.

Craig is a displaced Midwesterner presently residing in Portland, OR. He is interested in the evolving language of the web, the power of mobile, start-ups, music, old guitars, tube amplifiers, armchair psychology, football and football, video games, and the occasional jog.

Craig can be found and contacted via LinkedIn